Back to school.

Today Sarah and I hit up the bookstore for textbooks and other fun stuff. Watching everyone move in to their new apartments, redecorating and all that makes me really excited. I don’t move into my new place for another week and a half, but when I do I’ll have to do some awesome decorating. I’ll enlist the help of some of my friends, but hopefully my new apartment will be adorable.

Katherine’s visit was fun, albeit short. It was good to have her here, because she hasn’t seen Columbia in a few years. We went shopping, ate a ton of good food and visited my friends. She’s off to Jordan in a few weeks, so I won’t see her until December….then we both turn 21. We’re OLD.

But before I get ahead of myself on getting started on the school year, I do have three weeks until we’re back in action. I’m going to enjoy while I still can.