But I’ll be happy when I’m not pulling an all-nighter Monday night to get ready for this package.

In Broadcast 2, we have to start news blogs. I know I’ve done this previously at Today.com, but I abandoned that. This one is for a class, so it’ll be around a while. Check out allisonblood.blogspot.com, it’s where I’ll do a lot of writing about what I’m doing journalistically.

But as far as a semi-now journalistic part of my life goes, I am officially on the search for a new camera. My point and shoot met its demise last night in a wine-related incident. But now I’m on the lookout for a camera that would suffice as a point and shoot but also provides a small amount of professionalism so that if I needed to shoot something for a story, I could use it to take pictures for an internet slide show or something of the like. Let me know if you have any ideas.

The coming week is filled with lots to do. Monday I will be shadowing a reporter from 1:30-11:30, Tuesday I have school and work (and my first B2 package is due.) Wednesday is the veto session in Jefferson City, Thursday I will be going home for dentist and hair, Friday I’ll come back and it’s Jourdan’s birthday. I do like to load my schedule down quite a bit.

It’s also parent’s weekend here, so the campus is full of alums and parents…and extra traffic. MIZ!